Bodypump 97 Release Party was Fitness Magic

For the last 35 years, the team at Les Mills have been working closely with university researchers, doctors, sports scientists and music professionals to create newer and better workouts every 3 months for programs like Body Pump and Body Combat. 

The latest and greatest launch happened to coincide with CSC’s Boston Strong Week and we debuted the new Body Pump 97 Release and the Body Combat 67 Release on April 16th. We had members for both Combat and Pump get into the Boston Strong spirit, which we loved seeing! Boston Strong is a great theme that truly captures the spirit of our city and our members.

Body Pump always draws a big crowd here at CSC but the Combat crew we have, while slightly smaller, shows a real dedicated and loyalty to the class. More than 30 members joined us for the new releases.  Caryn Beth Lazaroff, CSC BodyPump Instructor describes the day as, “Fitness Magic. The vibe was one of high energy, excitement and FUN! Kristen, Corinne, Shannon and I truly meshed to lead our participants (in both classes) to feel successful.”

CSC Body Combat Instructor, Shannon Roark raves about the new moves and music, “For Pump, my favorite track in Release 97 is the Biceps track, ‘We Don’t Run’ by Bon Jovi. It’s one of those tracks that actually gives me chills because the lyrics and the music build perfectly with the choreography – just as it’s getting tough and you want to drop that bar, Bon Jovi is telling you to stand your ground and not back down. It was one of the tracks at launch that I could just feel the energy reverberating from the members. For Combat 67, I actually love the cool down, ‘Battle Cry’, again because it has lyrics that can really speak to members, and it comes at a perfect time when members are feeling totally smashed from the workout and may need a reminder as to what they really just accomplished!”

New Les Mills Releases at Commonwealth Sports Club