Shoe Breakdown

When we think of physical fitness and exercise today, running, cross training, and weightlifting are three of the most popular options that come to mind.  All three are time tested methods for improving one’s; cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, maintaining a healthy body composition, and overall total body health and wellness.  All three of these activities place different unique stresses and demands on the body and require a unique skill set to achieve specific results, because of this we need to put our body in the best position to succeed.  Setting ourselves up for success starts with our connection to the

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Motivation vs Inspiration- What gets you through your workout?

Earlier this week a client asked me, "what do you say to get yourself motivated to come workout?"  My short response to this question was something along the lines of, "I don't really need extra motivation, I really enjoy my own training and working towards my fitness goals."  The longer answer to this question, as a fitness coach and as a competitive weightlifter is the same: I don't really deal in "motivation" because I am playing at a bigger game, INSPIRATION!   To many people these words carry the same meaning but when we look deeper they are actually quite different.  Motivation involves me prompting the client.  Whether I am pushing them to

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