Small group, high intensity interval training. Burn fat, build muscle.

Group Training

Anyone can make you sweat: what we do is different.

Commonwealth Sports Club in Boston is more than a gym. We truly believe in getting results so we provide the ideal fitness programs that keep you inspired to achieve your goals.


Get to the Core of your Workout

Pilates strengthens your body and strengthens your workouts. Get that studio experience plus all the benefits of a health club in one location!

Pure Pilates

Real People, Real Results

Check out some of our members’ success stories at CSC. From weight loss to strength gain, injury rehabilitation to overall wellness, our members have achieved some truly amazing results at CSC!

Our Members

Pure Training @ 1079 Comm Ave

It’s just like it sounds- personal training, pure and simple with the best trainers in Boston. Through focused, thoughtful movement, our clients achieve results that last.

Pure Training

Anyone can make you sweat: what we do is different.

Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness in a low-impact environment. Our hot tub is the perfect place to unwind after a tough workout. 

Salt-water Pool

A 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day

Why bounce around from studio to studio? Enjoy unlimited classes at CSC including Spinning, Bodypump, Barre, Zumba, and Yoga.

Class Schedule
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