COVID Guidelines


• Monday-Friday 6am-9pm
• Saturday-Sunday 8am-4pm


• Effective March 5, 2022, the city of Boston has lifted the mask mandate.
• Proof of vaccination is required to enter the building
• Air purifiers will continue to run throughout the club. We will also try to open the courtyard doors as much as possible to increase the airflow.


• Reservations for pool lanes will now become standard protocol.
• All 5 lanes will be open! 1 person per lane. No lane sharing.
• 45-minute time slots with a limit of 1 time slot per day.
• $5 no show fee. Please try to cancel at least 1 hour prior to scheduled swim.
• All six showers in the locker rooms will be open.
• Hot tub, sauna and steam room will remain closed until the fall.