COVID Guidelines

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Modified Club Hours

We will be adjusting club operating hours to allow for cleaning and disinfecting mid-day and overnight.
Monday-Friday: 6am-12pm, Closed for cleaning 12pm-2pm, Reopen 2pm-8pm
Saturday/Sunday: 8am-1pm

Club Capacity

Club capacity will be limited to 25 members per hour time slot, pool capacity will be limited to 3 members per hour time slot (no hot tub).

Advanced Booking Required

Members will be asked to book a 1-hour workout time or group fitness class in advance either online. You may book more than one hour consecutively but no more than 2 hours per day. Club Sign-up. Pool Sign-up. Time slots are for current members only, we are not permitting guests during this time. Your membership must be active in order to book. To reactivate your membership, please email Those who schedule a Personal Training or Pilates session please book your appointment time directly through your trainer 48 hours in advanced.


face mask

Member Responsibility

Any member entering the gym is agreeing to all our health and safety protocols, including social distancing, cleaning and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Front Desk

New Plexiglass barriers are designed to provide a protective shield between members and the Front Desk. Member Code Of Conduct & Waiver, Temperature checks, face masks and hand sanitizer use will be required prior to entering the club.

Member Code Of Conduct & Waiver

Members and our teams will be required to complete a mandatory Member Code Of Conduct & Waiver in the at the front desk before each club visit to confirm they are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, nor have they come in contact with someone who is experiencing symptoms.

Temperature Checks

Members and our teams will have body temperatures taken prior to entering the club via Simzo non-contact forehead thermometer. Per CDC guidelines, individuals with a body temperature greater than 100.4 degrees will be not be permitted entry into the club.

Face Masks

Face masks must be worn at all times in the club (with the exception of swimming). If you need to remove your mask, either do so outside in the courtyard or be socially distanced at least 14 feet.


It is recommended but not required that members wear gloves during their visit.

Lobby Seating/Coffee Service

Seating area’s in front lobby and coffee service will be temporarily discontinued.


Pool Area

Per MA guidelines, the hot tub will remain closed. A small selection of pool equipment can be checked out at the front desk, it must be returned to the desk for cleaning between uses.
Per CDC guidelines There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the water. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (with chlorine or bromine) of pools should kill COVID-19. Pool is primarily salt water however as an added protection we’re working with our pool management company to increase levels of chemicals to ensure safety.
If you are not sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, it is safe to use swimming pools provided steps are taken to prevent spread of COVID-19.
Pool equipment can be checked out at the front desk. It must be returned to the front desk to ensure cleaning in between use.

Locker Rooms/Amenities

Locker rooms are open, however locker usage will be limited, keeping social distancing guidelines in mind. You must get a key from the front desk, keys must also be returned there, so we may clean them between use.
Showers, saunas, steam rooms, and the hot tub are currently closed. If you are going in the pool, you can use the shower on the deck to rinse off.
We ask that you bring minimal personal items with you. If you do not need the locker rooms during your visit, please refrain from going in there. Lockboxes are provided at the front desk for small valuables (phone, keys, wallet) and cubbies will be outside the locker room to store larger items.


fitness services

Group Fitness

No group fitness classes in the club. We will continue to offer online group fitness classes via zoom. Click here to see the schedule.
Sign up for classes via Mindbody.

Personal Training

Members will be asked to practice physical distancing etiquette during Personal Training, Semi Private Training and Small Group Training. Trainers will remain six feet away from clients and all cueing and corrections will be done verbally. If tactile cueing is needed, Trainers will wear gloves. Virtual Personal Training will continue to be available. Outdoor training is also available. Small group training will take place in the large group exercise studio, 6 people max.

Designated Training Space

We will also be offering a designated training space for training for those who prefer to not be on the fitness floor. This space will be used solely for private training and must be booked by the trainer.

Pure Pilates

We are currently offering private pilates only. Group pilates will resume in August. Clients will be asked to practice physical distancing etiquette during Private Pilates. Instructors will remain six feet away from clients and all cueing and corrections will be done verbally. If tactile cueing is needed, Instructors will wear gloves. Equipment will be cleaned & disinfected in between sessions.


Cleaning Protocols

In addition to existing continuous cleaning protocols, we will add a rigorous, deep-cleaning and disinfecting process during the day and once overnight. Each individual staff member will have their own disinfectant spray bottle to assist in this effort.

Cleaning Products

Medical-grade, EPA-registered disinfectants which are designated effective against the COVID-19 virus with a kill time of less than one minute will be used for all continuous and deep-cleaning processes. Disinfectants are listed below:

  • NABC #1 -restroom cleaner/disinfectant
  • Tribase #17 -floor cleaner
  • Clean by 4D-spray bottles
  • Sani-T-10-one- time spray down after closing
  • Bio- Glass #18- glass cleaner

Hand Washing & Sanitizers

Members will be asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer when entering the club and frequently throughout their visit. The hand sanitizer solution kills up to 99.9% of germs using Benzalkonium Chloride as Antimicrobial.

Disinfectant Wipes

Members will be asked to use disinfectant wipes on equipment before and after use in addition. Our disinfectant wipes, approved by the EPA for use against COVID-19 and proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses & fungi on equipment while having the safest EPA Toxicity Rating. Disinfectant wipes will be available throughout the club.


social distance

Signage and Floor Markers

To ensure members can give each other enough space, physical distancing cues will be marked in the Group Fitness studios, locker rooms and on the Strength and Cardio Floors. Physical distancing signs will show which equipment is available for use, and signs will be placed throughout the Strength Floor to remind members to wipe down equipment before and after use and to practice physical distancing. Staff will also be managing the flow of these areas as well.

Equipment Usage

To facilitate physical distancing, we will reduce equipment available for use. Select equipment will be unplugged and clearly marked to facilitate physical distancing. 30-minute time limits may be imposed on equipment during peak hours, if necessary.