COVID Guidelines


• Monday-Friday 6am-8pm
• Saturday-Sunday 8am-2pm


• In accordance with the new Massachusetts state guidelines, fully vaccinated individuals may remove their mask while working out. We ask that you please provide proof of full vaccination at the front desk on your first visit starting June 1, we can make a note of it in our system, and you can be mask free!
• We ask that unvaccinated members do their part for the community and continue to wear their mask in the gym. We respect our members choices and put our trust in them to follow these guidelines from the state.
• Of course, if you feel more comfortable with a mask on, please continue to do so!
• Air purifiers will continue to run throughout the club. We will also try to open the courtyard doors as much as possible to increase the airflow.


• We will return to full capacity as of June 1st
• Signups are not required for General Workouts; you may come in as you please.
• We will continue with our strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols throughout the week, we ask that you please do your part by continuing to wipe down equipment and washing your hands or using the hand sanitizer as much as possible.
• Please note that the doors will be locked promptly at 7:30pm during the week and 1:30pm on the weekends.


• Reservations for pool lanes will now become standard protocol.
• All 5 lanes will be open! 1 person per lane. No lane sharing.
• 45-minute time slots with a limit of 1 time slot per day.
• $5 no show fee. Please try to cancel at least 1 hour prior to scheduled swim.
• All six showers in the locker rooms will be open.
• Hot tub, sauna and steam room will remain closed until the fall.