Why Walking is Wonderful

Why walking is so wonderful by CSC Personal Trainer Andy Konz

Walking is one of the most overlooked activities you can do to ensure your stress is in check and progress keeps humming along at a good pace.

Intense exercise and dieting are both stressors. When added to an already stressful life, this can keep cortisol elevated, causing the body to revolt, thereby making the fat loss more difficult.

Adding in lots of slow, leisurely walking will help negate the effects stress and elevated cortisol can have on the body, like fat storage, muscle loss, and sleep disturbances.

Walking also increases blood flow to the muscles, which will aid in recovery from intense training. While most people are fixated on speeding up their metabolism, what they don’t realize is that doing so, they also risk speeding up their hunger.

So, adding in more intense exercise isn’t always the best idea, especially if it causes you to eat more. Walking is great because it won’t increase hunger, and it can be a great tool for coping with stress, sadness, anxiety, anger, etc. Rather than turning to food. It also improves mental clarity, making us more productive.

CSC Personal Trainer, Andy Konz