Understanding Supplements

The world of supplements is vast and confusing. Everywhere there are manufacturers claiming their pill will help you lose twenty pounds fast, boost your libido, help you gain more muscle, or reduce soreness and help you work out longer. There are so many products out there, all claiming to have the solution to our problems or be ‘the next big thing’ in fitness, it can be almost impossible to sift through them all and understand what is beneficial and what is snake oil. (more…)

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Fueling Your Workouts

You’ve probably wondered how to make the most out of your time at the gym, or you wouldn’t be reading this. One of the pillars of success in fitness is eating right for exercise. This means eating the right foods, at the right times, to get the best possible workout. You shouldn’t be showing up to the gym starving, or totally stuffed. You should be properly hydrated, and you shouldn’t be feeling hungry or weak by the end of a training session. (more…)

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What is “clean” eating?

There are many foods in our diets, especially in the US, that have preservatives and other chemicals that don’t belong in the human body. Many of us already know what a lot of the problem foods are. We call them junk food, fast food, or guilty pleasures, and we absolutely love them. Why wouldn’t we? They’re delicious! But we should also avoid them like the plague. (more…)

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