CSC has the perfect addition to your workout routine

The sauna has been widely used all over the world, especially in colder climates like the Scandinavian countries. In Finland in fact, nearly every home is built with a sauna in it, and for good reason! Saunas provide a myriad health benefits, including muscle recovery, flushing toxins, stimulating blood flow, improving skin health, and they can boost cardiovascular endurance. (more…)

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“I Don’t Want to Look Bulky”

This one’s for the ladies… sorry fellas! When I first started getting into fitness, the only thing I was focused on was losing weight and being thin. Then once I lost the amount of weight I wanted to, I wanted to “tone” everything and lose that last 10 pounds. I figured I would just increase the intensity of my cardio and that would solve it, sounds about right? (more…)

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