Food as Medicine

"An apple a day keeps the Doctor away" - We've all heard this phrase before, even my kids ( 6 & 9 years old ) go… Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know dad ! At that young age , it is really hard to convince them that a bowl of broccoli is better for you than a bowl of skittles. Those colorful and chewy candies, so cute , so sweet and tasty…how that can be bad for you ? And , the truth is , they are not really that bad for you. It's pure sugar, and a little bit of

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Why trainers focus on the butt

Why do trainers like myself always incorporate Glute (aka Gluteus Maximus aka the Butt) work into our exercise programs?  Simply put, it’s the biggest muscle in the body and it anchors all hip and core activation for lower body movement.  It's also a key factor in lower body stabilization for upper body movement.  Once of my favorite sayings is “you can’t fire a cannon from a canoe” which is a simple way of saying proximal stability creates distal mobility. If your core, hips and lower body are not stable, you can’t effectively move your upper body. Again, your butt is

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