Ice or Heat?

It’s the classic question.  Something hurts, should I ice it or heat it? Here are some simple ideas to keep in mind to help you make the right choice. If it is a ‘new’ or sudden injury, you will want to ice. If you are treating a long standing injury and or trying to warm up your muscles before your workout/race/game you will want to heat. ICE Ice constricts the blood cells around the damaged area and reduces the flow/amount of blood to the injured muscle. HEAT Heat dilates the blood cells around the damaged area and increases the flow/amount of

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Sleep, Rest & Recovery – What’s The Difference?

Sleep, Rest, Recovery - What's The Difference? By Evan LaBarre, CSC Personal Trainer

Within the realm of exercise and fitness these words and ideas get used interchangeably. So let’s take a quick moment to clarify. SLEEP While we all know what actual sleep is, to be clear rest and recovery are both occurring while we are sleeping. REST Rest is simply not being active or reducing our level of activity. Resting between sets of a strength trainingworkout would be short term rest, sleeping at night is an example of a nightly rest cycle. RECOVERY This describes the actual physical anatomical rebuilding and refueling process that take place while at rest and when while

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