Strength, Stability, Mobility: Train like a Navy Seal

Have you ever wondered how you could strength train without using heavy dumbbells or weights? Ever wondered if using your body weight was sufficient enough resistance to gain the strength, stability, and mobility you want achieve? Ever see those black and yellow straps suspended from the wall and thought what in the world they were?

Well the answer to all those questions is a simple three letters TRX (Total-Body Resistance Exercise).

TRX suspension training is as simple and efficient as doing your standard bodyweight squat or push up. It was developed by Navy Seals to be a cost effective solution to trying to develop strength, stability, and mobility throughout their entire body with limited time, space, and equipment. With always being on the move they made it very mobile in that you can take it pretty much anywhere that you can strap it up, provided it can support your body weight, such as a tree, a jungle gym in a park, at home, or just leave it dangling at your gym and get to work.

But enough about how portable and versatile these are, let’s get into the details of how effective and easy TRX suspension training can make your everyday workouts.

There are over a hundred variations of exercises and stretches for the entire body that can be performed on the TRX each one helping to build strength, engage your core, flexibility, and balance, some targeting one more than others. The best part being YOU decide how much resistance or how difficult they will be just by adjusting your body position in relation to the TRX.

TRX exercises can be challenging enough for sport specific training or precise enough for improving movement in everyday activities.  Athlete or not, TRX is for everyone.

Personally I was never a huge fan… until I used it for the first time. I realized how easy it was to improve my mobility and to get a quick but strenuous workout in without having to move anywhere but where I was working. I use it as a substitute to resistance band stretches for my chest as well as my shoulders and traps which are difficult to target in most cases, but not anymore! Did I mention how hard it hits your core if you want it to? Imagine doing a core workout on the floor then someone takes the floor out from under you leaving you suspended in the air with nothing but your hands, core, and feet to support you…you have to try it to understand. So next time you see those black and yellow straps hanging from a wall, ask a Trainer to help you and give them a try! I assure you it’ll be a new door to fitness you’ll be glad you opened.


Heath Kimera, CSC Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach


Heath Kimera
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer