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45-day challenge

I love the 45-day challenge. I just love it. For the past six years, we’ve literally rolled out the red carpet for everyone who said, “I’m ready to {change}.” The goals always cover a wide range from: get in shape, to lose weight, start a consistent program, eat better, look better, to feel better, to be better. The key is each individual makes it personal, and that’s what takes this challenge to the next level! Whatever the goal is, the team of coaches and trainers at CSC are ready to help. When I think back to my favorite challenges – I think of the year that Kris’ team made shirts and “the blue barracudas” were everywhere! They came together to win, they worked out on their own, set workout dates on their calendars and committed to themselves and each other. Did I mention they made T-shirts?

The next thing that makes me smile about the challenge is the Winners! We give all kinds of awards, like “Team MVP”, “Biggest Cheerleader”, “Social Media King/Queen”, etc. Of course, we also crown an overall 45- Day Challenge Winner who gets a coveted spot on the Wall of Success at CSC!

• First, there’s Jon, who’s had some serious dedication to the challenge for years and been on the wall 2x now.
• Becky – who was looking to get back into her workouts & her skinny jeans – she did!
• Then there was Mark, from the infamous Blue Barracudas, who lost more than 13 pounds during the challenge and says stepping ‘out of his comfort zone’ is what got him there.
• Cat, who had just quit smoking and credits her success to small daily changes that added up to a complete lifestyle shift.

I mean, there’s so much to talk about – those are just a few of the winner’s stories, with close to 100 people at CSC working hard during the same 45 day period, the energy is high, and the motivation is infectious! This year’s Challenge begins on January 11th – can’t wait to hear the stories that come from the 7th year.

Envision this: You walk the red carpet, huge smile, skinny jeans, full of energy and excited for what’s to come. Yes, jeans have a place on the red carpet. See you there.