Join Our 45-Day Challenge Today!

45-day challenge

I love the 45-day challenge. I just love it. For the past six years, we’ve literally rolled out the red carpet for everyone who said, “I’m ready to {change}.” The goals always cover a wide range from: get in shape, to lose weight, start a consistent program, eat better, look better, to feel better, to be better. The key is each individual makes it personal, and that’s what takes this challenge to the next level! Whatever the goal is, the team of coaches and trainers at CSC are ready to help. When I think back to my favorite challenges –

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5 Alternative Workouts for Common Machines

alternative workouts

Trying to figure out what to do with all those machines at the gym, after being warned away from them by all the free-weight junkies? Even if you’re not a fan of their traditional uses, many of them have special benefits you can leverage for unique exercises--if nothing else, they'll get to be more than an eyesore and an occasional coat rack. Here are five alternative workouts to make gym machines work for you: (more…)

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How To Take Care of Your Workout Attire

workout attire

When you go to the gym or out for a run or compete in an event, odds are good that you’re wearing workout attire made of “performance fabric,” or a combination of synthetic fibers. If you choose cotton fabrics, the sweat that builds from a workout won’t go away and will gradually weigh down your clothes throughout the rest of our workout. (more…)

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How to Modify Squats After a Knee Injury

modify squats

A squat is an essential lower-body strengthening exercise. It builds muscle mass and is also a functional exercise. However, the delicate structure of the knee joint is susceptible to injuries during a squat. If you experience knee pain during a squat, or have suffered from a knee injury, a few modifications to this exercise should keep you going until you heal. (more…)

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Workouts That Are A Dramatic Mood Booster

improve your mood

I’ve seen as many clients in a clinical therapy setting as I have in a personal training setting. And most of my clients in both settings have benefitted from following a consistent fitness routine. This is probably one of the reasons I love being a therapist and a personal trainer. Taking care of your body via healthy eating and consistent exercise can be a big mood booster, so much so that I’ve seen it replace the need to take medications in several of my clients. (Please check with your physician if you’re contemplating stopping your prescribed medicine.) (more…)

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