Avoid These 3 Shoulder Training Mistakes at the Gym

shoulder training mistakes

Strong and muscular shoulders can completely transform the shape of your body. And it’s one area of the body that is always on display, even during colder months when wearing a tight-fitting long-sleeved shirt. Let’s face it: The shoulders can make a statement year-round.

So in your quest for building muscle, avoid these three shoulder training mistakes

  • shoulder training mistakesLifting too much weight: One of the biggest should training mistakes that people make is grabbing so much weight that they’re not able to achieve full range of motion during the exercise. I often see people swinging weight and using momentum rather than properly recruiting the muscles of the shoulder because they grabbed too much weight to start with. You’ll see far greater improvements in your shoulders by performing slow, controlled and isolated lifts with an appropriate weight.
  • Curved spine: Even though your focus is on training your shoulders, it’s crucial to recruit your core, especially during overhead presses. Many people curve their spine and lock their legs, putting an unnecessary force on the lower back that can lead to serious injuries. Remember to engage your core while you press and to choose a weight that doesn’t encourage this type of compensation.
  • Forgetting about the rear deltoid: The shoulder is composed of anterior, lateral and rear muscle heads. In order to build rounded, well-balanced shoulders, don’t skip rear delt exercises. Hit shoulder training from all angles, even with these muscles that are harder to see!