Surviving the Holidays: 101


the-most-wonderful-time-of-year…and time for the good home cooking and sweets we love. This can be a challenging time to stay in your fitness and eating routines, but it is important to have a plan so you can enjoy the holidays! I will be honest: there is NO way I can resist my Mum’s green bean casserole or generations-old Italian cookies; I’m only human!

So, what do we do to stay on track?

drink-plenty-of-water1. Water, water water. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces every day. Ex. If you weight 150 lbs, try to drink 70-80 ounces of water. Have a glass before you eat, it will fill you up a little!




portion-control2. Enjoy those holiday meals, but watch your portion sizes. Fill your plate with mostly vegetables and meat/proteins and fill the rest with small portions of everything else. Think: mostly squash, turkey, green beans and small portions of casseroles, potatoes, bread rolls, etc. If you’re craving wine, count 1-2-3 when you pour, and that makes about one serving, or 125 calories on average.



socialize3. Be social. When you’re at a party, don’t hover around the hors d’oeuvres table. Make a point to go up once and then go socialize! Catch up with old friends, or get to know some new ones, but limit yourself to one table visit.




workout4. Stick to your workouts! Plan your week of workouts on Sunday, and commit to them! Set phone reminders, enlist friends to join you, but find some way to hold yourself accountable. The day of the holiday, try to work out in the morning, even if it’s ten minutes! Every little bit counts! For short workouts:



dessert-is-not-a-meal5. Dessert is not a meal. It’s impossible not to have Grandma’s homemade pie, I am definitely with you there! However, do not turn dessert into another meal. Take three (slow and enjoyable) bites, then have some water or black tea/coffee.



Question: What if I just splurge? Then I’ve ruined my progress, right?

Answer: Not true! If you splurge, enjoy, and then move on! At the next meal make better choices, but it is important to be kind to yourself. No one eats or works out perfectly 100% of the time, so hop back on the wagon at your next meal.

julie-bobolaHave a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas,
and a wonderful, healthy, and safe New Year!

Xo Julie

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