Video proof that two is better than one


Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up and say, “I’m going to skip the gym today because I’m just not feeling it,” or “I’m just so tired from work today, I’ll skip the gym today?” Then one skip-day turns into two and so on, then the next thing you know you haven’t been to the gym in weeks. Guess what… you’re not the only one. We’re human; we’ve all done it.

One of the things that keep me motivated (and could motivate you too!) is looking forward to doing a partner workout with another person. I never thought I would enjoy working out with someone, let alone someone talking to me while I was in the gym until Hector came up to me in the middle of a workout one day and said, “Let’s do a partner workout.”

I decided to try something different for the day and agreed to the partner workout. Now, I jump at any opportunity to work out with someone. It’s not only a workout, but also a learning experience. You have the ability to teach someone a new exercise as well as learn a new exercise from them, all while laughing and getting a good sweat going.

We both enjoy learning new ways to challenge your body, especially while laughing and having fun. That’s the most important thing you can do; find a way to make exercise fun for you, that way you keep coming back for more. Hector is amazing when it comes to thinking of creative partner exercises that are useful for all levels of fitness. We had an absolute blast while recording our partner workout for the Facebook page (and we also broke a sweat)!

Partner workouts are a great motivator. When you’re by yourself, there is always the possibility you may not push yourself as much as you would if you had someone with you. Having a buddy with you to say, “Keep going, we’re almost done,” or “Come on, we have another set,” eliminates that voice in the back of your head saying, “Alright, you can quit now.”

Next week is the perfect time to put my theory into action. Buddy Week at CSC is October 24 – 31. Members are encouraged to bring their friends in to try our classes but you can also come in and invent your own fun, partner workout! If you need some inspiration for good partner exercises, definitely watch our video: or come find one of us at the club!

Are you in need of more permanent motivation? CSC offers partner training options so you and your friend/spouse/partner can make an appointment every week with Hector or myself for some seriously fun partner workouts. Email or for details.

Personal Trainers Michaela Youngberg and Hector Plaza