How to be successful at the gym, Part 2: Work with a Trainer

It’s crucial that beginners work with a trainer. They should be assessed by a fitness professional to address their weaknesses and foundation work, such as stabilization and mobility, are incorporated for them to have a good base to build a strong body. They’ll also become more familiar with exercising and will learn skills that are needed in order to perform exercises correctly, with good form, progress and guidance.

People who work with a trainer are most likely to get better, faster results because they have someone who holds them accountable and the programs are designed specifically to the clients needs based on their assessments. It’s an investment that pays off when your see yourself wearing some piece of clothing that didn’t fit before, or even if you just feel better and healthier overall, doing things you didn’t do before like carrying your groceries or you don’t get tired walking around or playing with your grandkids.

It’s understandable that most of the time, the cost of personal training is what holds people back from working with a trainer. Here at CSC we offer affordable options of training beyond private sessions. We encourage members to try semi-private training and PURE HIIT, where you’d be working with a trainer, but in a group setting.

Semi-private is one trainer guiding up to 4 people at the same time, recommended for people who have exercising experience. HIIT is also run by one trainer and has capacity for up to 9 people per session. HIIT involves high intensity workouts which are recommended for clients seeking weight loss and strength training. It’s a quick workout in which lots of calories are burned and you’ll feel great afterwards.

Another great resource for beginners is our monthly Trainer Talks. Every month a trainer chooses a health and fitness topic to talk about, where you’ll gather different information about exercising in general, like what’s the best way to lose weight, strength training or cardio? Exercises progressions and regressions, among other super interesting topics.