How to be successful at the gym, Part 1: Nutrition

Start by making sustainable changes

For weight loss,members changing their whole lifestyle at once may work for some, but definitely not everyone. People who start with big changes usually start well, they’re focused and committed to eating healthy foods, meal prepping, working out 5x a week and setting up a crazy caloric deficit. However, most of those people are just setting themselves up for failure and disappointment because they drastically cut out on the amount of daily calorie intake and eliminate foods they love to eat. They could make this work for a week or two, then something happens that may discourage them, like forgetting or not having time to meal prep, consequently they will end up eating something quick anywhere on the street which may be putting them over the caloric deficit they have set for themselves so they will feel guilty and will most likely fall off track.

Instead, start with simpler changes, figure out the amount of calories you’ve been consuming and your BMR (the amount the you need just to survive), then as you start meal prepping and getting used to it, create a small caloric deficit (based on your activity level and BMR) that you will be able to maintain, so your body will slowly get used to being fed less.

Also, choosing healthier types of food and/or changing small habits, for example, eating brown rice instead of white rice, dressing your salad with olive oil and lemon instead of that creamy blue cheese or ranch, or even cutting back on that refreshing soda or substituting for a flavored seltzer. Nutrition plays a very important part if one wants to see their body change, so if you’re tracking your nutrition the results will come, either if your goals are weight loss or muscle building, focus on eating the right food and get ready to see your body change.

If you’re one of those people who don’t have time to meal prep, don’t know or don’t like to cook but you know the importance of nutrition to achieve your fat loss and/or muscle gain goals, here at CSC we have an awesome partnership with Kettlebell Kitchen.

They offer multiple varieties of high quality and delicious dishes to choose from or you can customize your own, you can also track you macros too because they have it all detailed on the label, how amazing is that? Go to their website and pick your favorites, select to be delivered to our club and every Thursday you come to the gym and on your way out there will be a bag full of hearty healthy food waiting for you. To make it even better you get you get $25 off your first two orders when you use our code ‘CommonwealthSC’. It’s never been easier to achieve your goals now combining your workouts at our facility and healthy eating with KBK!

Check back for the next part of our series: “How to be successful at the gym,” by CSC Trainer, Mike Cabral.