How to be successful at the gym, Part 3: Consistency

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, consistency is key. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t miss a workout (it happens to all of us). In that case, try to find a way to move a little more during the course of that day. Don’t think you need to start over and definitely don’t give up! Move on and understand that there will be thousands of other workouts to be crushed.


Sometimes we get bored of our workouts and don’t want to repeat the same things over and over again. An easy solution to this dilemma is to vary your routine. Try doing full body workouts a few times a week interspersed with split routines (leg day, arm day, back and shoulders, etc). Try a new class! At CSC we have over 50 options each week: there’s BodyPump (which is great to build endurance); 321 Shred for those looking to tone up and shape their body; Bailando is super fun and you get to move your body to some really fun, energetic music; there’s yoga if your looking for a good stretch, among others. Try all of them and pick the ones you enjoy the most and have fun! Check out our group fitness schedule and join in a class today.


If you go over the set daily caloric intake, don’t think you have to get some cardio in before going to bed to ensure you earned those extra calories or starve yourself the next day to make up for it. Instead, move on and realize that as long as your weekly/monthly caloric balance reflects your goal you are in good shape.


Consistency in resting is equally important. Giving your body the rest it deserves is crucial for weight loss and/or muscle gain. Establishing a bed time routine is important and helps you have more energy to hit the gym the next day. Try not to scroll through your phone or watch TV late into the night; keep your sheets clean and your bed made and that will make you excited to go to bed; close your eyes and focus on that relaxing moment while you put your body to rest.

Your muscles are put under constant tension while working out and doing other daily activities, you feed them with a balanced nutrition and last but not least you put them to rest, that’s how they get stronger and grow.

Another great way to rest your body and reduce stress is to use our sauna and/or steam room, as they can minimize joint pain, relieve tension, promote healthy blood flow, clear the skin and remove toxins. Here at CSC we have both sauna and steam room open to all members 7 days a week.