Let’s work together! Couples workout at CSC Valentine’s day weekend

CSC Couples Workout

Working out with your partner can make an intense workout more fun.  When you have fun with someone you care about, time seems to fly by. That could be the difference between success and failure for your fitness goals.

Another benefit of working out with a partner is that you’ll both get more from your workout having someone supportive there to help push you. It’s less intimidating to try new, challenging exercises and equipment. Trying new things and pushing each other to your full potential are great ways to stay mentally and physically engaged in a workout.

You may even spark a bit of healthy competition – add a few extra reps to your last set! Celebrate a great workout together and you’ll find your motivation levels higher than if you tackled the workout on your own.

What better weekend for a couples workout than Valentine’s Day weekend?  We’re offering free couples workouts with a CSC Fitness Coach both Saturday and Sunday at noon.

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