5 Tips to Make Your First Group Exercise Class Successful

group exercise class

So, you just signed up for your first group fitness session. Congratulations, you are doing something that will benefit your physical and mental health and wellbeing. While you are excited about your upcoming first class, you may be experiencing a few butterflies in your stomach as well. If you can relate to this scenario, adhere to the following five tips to make your first group exercise class successful.

Make Your First Group Exercise Class Successful

group exercise classDress Appropriately

You may think worrying about what you will wear to your first group exercise class is vain. Actually, it is very important. Different types of group classes may require you to wear various kinds of workout gear. For instance, you probably wouldn’t want to wear the same outfit to a spinning class as you would wear to a yoga session. Some types of classes require specialized shoes while other classes don’t necessitate wearing shoes at all. If you’re unsure about what the appropriate attire for your class is, contact someone at your gym beforehand.

Greet Your Instructor

To settle your nerves before your first exercise class, arrive to the gym early and make an effort to greet your instructor. Be sure to tell him or her that you are a newcomer to the class. This individual may be able to offer you some tips about how to succeed in his or her class. Also, by notifying your instructor that you are new, he or she can keep an eye on you in order to watch your form and stamina. He or she can also tell you if you will need to utilize any special equipment during the class.

Secure a Spot in the Middle of the Room

When you enter the venue for your exercise class, you might be tempted to either venture to the front or back of the room. You might head to the front of the room in order to view the instructor more closely. If you don’t want to be noticed during your first session, you might look for an available spot at the back of the room. Surprisingly, you should search for a vacant spot in the middle of the exercise class. Working out in the middle of the room will:

  • Still allow your instructor to monitor your moves
  • Provide you with an opportunity to watch other more experienced exercisers

Avoid the Urge to Impress

At your first Group Fitness, avoid the urge to impress your instructor and fellow exercisers. Often, instructors will provide beginning students with modifications to difficult moves. Only complete exercises you can accomplish correctly and comfortably. By trying to do too much too soon, you might end up receiving emergency treatment instead of high-fives for your newcomer bravery. According to Jessica Smith, a certified wellness coach, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor, your first class is “not a competition, and sometimes more advanced moves take years to master.” So, stay safe and progress slowly.

Socialize After Class

After your first exercise session, don’t bolt out of the door before anyone can talk to you. Instead, linger in the workout room for a few minutes in order to socialize with your peers. You may be surprised how much beneficial knowledge you can attain by visiting with other exercisers after class. For instance, you can discover how many sessions others attended before they mastered complicated moves. You might also learn that the instructor performs different routines on certain days of the week. In addition to gaining useful information about the class, you might meet some new friends that will be invaluable to you on your journey to get fit.

Enrolling in a group fitness class is a great way to broaden your exercise horizon. To make your first group exercise class successful and enjoyable, you need to do a few things. By following the aforementioned 5 tips, you might get hooked on group fitness sessions for life.

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