5 Questions to Ask When Considering Boot Camp Workouts

boot camp workouts

Wondering whether boot camp workouts are the right move to get yourself fit? Many people love the intense, group-focused approach offered by such classes, but make sure you know what you’re getting into first–you want it to be an excellent experience, not a protracted, joyless pain. So ask yourself these questions as you consider bootcamp workouts.

Questions to Ask When Considering Boot Camp Workouts

Am I ready?

Depending on the gym in question, boot camp workouts can be an intense affair–these aren’t typically going to be appropriate classes for sedentary amateurs, people recovering from injury or infirmity, or anyone else not in moderately good shape. These are high intensity workouts, meant to push you from ‘okay’ to ‘great’ shape. They’re excellent for burning calories and improving cardio, so it may be tempting to leap straight into one, but remember: pushing yourself too hard and burning out will only set you back.

Do I like exercising with others?

boot camp workoutsIf you can’t stand working out with others, boot camp workouts aren’t going to be your best bet. A lot of the strength of such a program comes from the sense of accountability, camaraderie, the motivating presence of others who are going through the same workouts you are. If none of that appeals to you, you’re going to get a lot less from the experience than everyone else. Of course, don’t be so certain you know the answer to this one; many people find their initial hesitance quickly fades once they’re actually working side-by-side with others.

Do I want a challenging, varied workout?

There’s nothing wrong with answering ‘no’ to this question. Plenty of people get healthy and fit by turning their brains off, their headphones up, and jogging until they can’t jog anymore. Not every fitness goal demands variation or intense difficulty to achieve; the will to get out there and put your time in is enough for many people. If you commit to boot camp workouts, you’re committing to doing more and getting more in return.

Am I willing to commit?

If you’re going to take on boot camp workouts, you need to be willing to commit to showing up on time and doing what you’re supposed to–it just doesn’t work otherwise. The intense exercises, the camaraderie, all of this does nothing if you only show up on occasion. If you’re going to get the most out of a bootcamp style experience, you need to be willing to commit; that’s why military boot camp works, and its what you want to emulate as best you can.

Do bootcamp workouts match my goals?

Not everyone needs the same workout to match their goals–some of us don’t need or care about being able to do dozens of pushups or run for miles. Others care more about being able to squat a small car. Knowing what you want from your fitness regimen is important to finding the right exercises for you–so look into the boot camp workouts available at your gym, and consider whether you can expect to get closer to your fitness goals by challenging such a plan.

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