Why EVERYONE Should do Pilates

Hello, Maria Barry here! As most of you probably know, I am the Pure Pilates and Group Fitness Manager at Commonwealth Sports Club, Boston. Over the last 20 years of teaching strength, cardio, yoga and barre classes, I realized there was one common factor preventing me from injury: the core strength I’ve developed from Pilates training. After speaking with clients, friends and members, all of whom work out in many different ways, I have put together a list of the top reasons to practice Pilates studio equipment and Pilates mat.

1.       It’s exercise while you’re laying down AND a great workout!

2.       Pilates is safe, effective and challenging; yet very low impact.

3.       It’s the BEST overall cross-training workout! Whether you typically run, lift, swim, dance or sit on your butt all day, Pilates will get you much faster results.

4.       Pilates results in better posture, balance, core strength and improved hip mobility.

5.       It works everything! Pilates will stretch every part of your body and will truly teach you what a mind-body connection is all about.

6.       IT’S FUN!!! Your Pilates class will be the best time you’ve had all day.

Pilates training connects all aspects of fitness and wellness; no matter what your goals are, Pilates will help get you there!