Why Booties and Cookies Don’t Mix

Let’s face it, the holidays can be very challenging. Getting into the festive spirit tends to mean abandoning all notion of self-control and consuming insane amounts of sugar.  But you know what…? It’s OK!  The cookies are colorful and pretty, the punch looks beautiful and there is loads of candy, pies and all kinds of chocolatey treats at every party. So let your inhibitions go and give in a little! I gave myself just 24 glorious hours where I allowed myself unchecked treats including cookies, midnight snacks and candy all day long. I let myself splurge like this because I knew I was going to get up on the 26th, put on my gym clothes and teach Pilates, Barre and 3 2 1 Shred classes to get everyone back on the right track.  I always practice what I preach and sure enough I got rid of any residual holiday naughtiness, made myself my green drink and jumped back on the scale with confidence. I knew I allowed myself just enough leeway to have fun and enjoy the holidays without overdoing it.

Life isn’t fair ladies; we just gain weight faster and take longer to lose it than men do. We will eat/breathe/sleep the clean lifestyle while doing a million squats, lunges, plies and planks to lose 5 pounds, where a man can give up beer and ice cream for a minute and lose 20 pounds. Luckily I have a secret weapon… Group Fitness and Pilates! No matter how we feel before we enter that studio (tired, fat, sad, hopeless) we leave feeling like rock stars that had just received a standing ovation at their concert!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all my girls and I’m looking forward to having some fun this year!

Maria Barry

Maria Barry,
Group Fitness Manager,
Pure Pilates Manager