Strength Training: Using the landmine to build power

What is the Landmine? 

It’s a barbell anchored to the floor with a weight on the other end.

What is Power? 

Power is how fast you can move weight.

Training for Power: 

If power is measured by how quickly you can move weight, explosive strength is needed to accelerate force, hence, speed, elasticity, explosiveness, size and stability all play a role in training for power.

Using the Landmine to build power:

The movement of the landmine itself can help teach an athlete how to effectively transfer force between the upper and lower body, while also presenting a greater demand on transverse (multiplanar) stability. The athlete is now responsible for executing proper technique as they maintain the position of the landmine in relation to their body and the landmine’s countermovement. Ultimately, this can help an athlete build strong body control to become more durable and spatially aware.

Why I like the Landmine for workouts:

One of the things that I love about the landmine is the variety of exercises you can do with one single piece of equipment in one small space. You can target specific single muscle groups or target a total body movement where all the muscle groups have to work together and in proper sequence to execute the movement properly.

My favorite Landmine exercises:

For Power, three movements to go from floor to hip, to overhead moving the weight as fast as possible:

  • Floor Clean to Hip Coil
  • Hip Coil to Overhead Press
  • Floor Clean to Hip Coil to Overhead Press

Once you master the Clean, Coil and Press you can tie them together in any sequence for endless combinations.

For more on working with the Landmine ask for Tom Nyilis and he’ll be glad to help you out.