How to Prepare For Your First Boxing Class

boxing class

An old-school workout that’s newly popular, boxing can carve your body, burn calories, and deliver head-to-toe conditioning. Before you check out the boxing offerings at the gym, learn how to prepare for your first boxing class.

How to Prepare For Your First Boxing Class: What to Wear

boxing classDon’t worry about having to purchase specialized equipment like boxing gloves, ankle guards, or hand wraps. Everything you need will be provided for you. Just put on comfortable workout clothes that fit you and allow you to have a full range of movement. If you have long hair, tie it back so it doesn’t get in your face. Once you start class, you will be wearing boxing gloves so you won’t be able to adjust your clothing or your hair.

You’ll want to show up for your first boxing class 20 minutes early to meet the instructor. Many instructors will use this time to show you the basic footwork and punch motions, which can make your first class easier. They will also teach you how to wrap your hands and provide you with boxing gloves so you’re set to go by the time class begins.

How to Prepare For Your First Boxing Class: What to Expect

Boxing will challenge your whole body. Every single punch move uses your full body, which means major core, legs, back, and chest activity. If you have always wanted a lean and toned physique, and you’re tired of spending hours on the treadmill, boxing can be a fun and social way to get the body you have dreamed of. You won’t spend the whole hour punching a bag or sparring with other class attendees; most classes will usually tone your chest, back, abs, arms, and legs, and shoulders so you can improve your punch power, speed, and accuracy. Expect to be sore after from the intensity of the workout.

There are tons of different styles of boxing classes, so you can find everything from a cardio conditioning workout to a fundamentals class. Nowadays, most gym classes mix up punch combinations with strength training and cardio. You might start off with a jump rope warmup and light stretching before moving on to some basic punch combinations and working in bodyweight exercises to increase your strength and range of motion. If you want more specific information before you go, just ask the staff at the gym. They’ll be able to let you know what usually happens.

All that motion will challenge those little muscles that you forget you have until they’re aching. After a boxing workout, you very well might be dripping in sweat, so don’t forget a water bottle and a hand towel. A 180-pound man or woman can burn up to 243 calories in just 30 minutes of punching a bag. The number of calories you burn in an one-hour class will vary by how much time is spent learning new combos and how much time is spent on cardio, bodyweight activities, and boxing moves.

Now that you know what to expect, sign up to attend a boxing class at the gym and upgrade your physique and weight loss!

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