7 Amazing Fitness Clothes for Superior Performance

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Are you still working out in baggy tees and oversized shorts? Performance clothes can keep you motivated and help you move better though every workout. Try these 7 amazing fitness clothes for superior performance.

7 Amazing Fitness Clothes for Superior Performance

  1. fitness clothesPerformance layer – Great for outdoor workouts as well as the dash from the car to the gym, performance layers also provide a little cover-up when you need it. H&M Sports offers affordable performance outerwear.
  2. Socks – It seems silly to think about performance socks…until you get blisters from your treadmill run. Ditch cotton in favor of synthetic wickables from FITS or Pearl Izumi.
  3. Performance tank – A basic workout staple, the performance tank is great for gals and guys. Eschew cotton in favor of a fitted performance tank made from lightweight materials. If you’re self-conscious about tight tops, go for black or navy over bright colors or busy patterns. Look for Fabletics, Lululemon or Champion.
  4. Exercise shorts – Shorts are great for summer workouts. To ensure comfort, look for shorts made from performance fabric. This type of fabric wicks moisture away from the body, preventing chills and irritation. Also check that seams are soft, as rough seaming can chafe against your skin while you move. Top brands include New Balance and Champion.
  5. Fitted workout pants – Tight workout pants prevent your clothing from getting caught in gym equipment and can help you move freely without all that drag. Look for Lycra or spandex blend pants, which provide firm yet stretchy support. If you’ve avoid fitted pants because you’re worried they will reveal “problem areas,” know that fitted performance pants help prevent chafing. Top brands include Athleta and Lululemon.
  6. Loose workout pants – Loose workout pants are great for covering up over shorts or wearing to yoga, tai chi, or other classes. Cotton is fine for these pants, as you won’t need the stretch of spandex. Look for pants that fit well and have room for layering, but aren’t so long that you can trip on them.
  7. Performance sports bra – An essential for woman, a performance sports bra provides support, cuts down jiggling by as much as 50 percent, and wicks sweat away from your chest. If your breasts are larger than a B-cup, look for an encapsulation bra, which gives each breast its own cup. Otherwise, a shelf-style bra is fine. Racerback models offer more support than tank style sports bras. Top brands include Champion.

How Performance Clothes Help You

These awesome fitness clothes aren’t just about looking good while you’re working out, although they might get you some positive attention. Performance clothing made from technical fabric like Supplex or Coolmax can wick sweat away from your body so you get less gross and don’t get cold after a workout, support your chest (for women) to make workouts less bouncy, prevent chafing, blisters, and other skin irritations, and help you move better as you work out.

Ditch the gym sweats and look great while you get in shape with these 7 amazing fitness clothes for superior performance, designed to up your game both physically and mentally.

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