Proper Supplement Use

supplement use

Supplements are formulated to provide additional nutrients the body needs either for daily use or when extra nutrition is needed for workouts, strenuous periods of activity or during an illness. An understanding of proper supplement use will ensure you gain the maximum benefit possible. Supplements come in different forms, potencies and dosages so they can accommodate almost anyone’s individual needs. There are also different types of supplements. From general health to intense physical exercise, there are supplements to help ensure that adequate nutrients are received at all times.

The Proper Supplement Use

supplement useKnow What You Need

When choosing a supplement, you must first know exactly what you need and what form will work best. A person who works out in the gym everyday will need a much more potent supplement than someone who works in an office and spends most of their time at a computer. The form is important as well. Some people have difficulty swallowing large pills and may do better with a liquid supplement. While each one works equally well, the liquid supplement will break down much faster and be utilized much more quickly than the tablet or capsule form.

When To Take Them

Another factor that must be addressed with a supplement use is the timing. Athletes who supplement with creatine should take their dose within 30 minutes of beginning their workout. Supplements that contain glutamine should be taken before bed and daily vitamin and mineral supplements should be taken first thing in the morning. This allows them to be utilized more fully throughout the day. Taking them in the morning puts them in the digestive tract when it is functioning at a more efficient pace. This means they will be broken down and moved through the system at a much faster pace. If supplements are extremely hard, make sure to break them in half. This allows the acids in the stomach to break them down more efficiently. Supplements that can’t be broken easily will often pass through the digestive tract without being dissolved.

Read Labels Thoroughly

Always read the labels for a clear understanding of proper supplement use. Supplements that contain synthetic components are harder for the body to breakdown and will often pass through the system without being recognized for what they are. It is extremely important to make sure all supplements are as natural as possible. Synthetic ingredients are also harder on the liver and can cause it to become sluggish and overworked.

When reading labels, it is also extremely important to look at the amount of each nutrient the supplement contains. Taking too much of certain Vitamins can actually do more harm than good. If you eat a balanced diet and get the majority of your nutrients through your food, you may not need a powerful supplement to make up the difference. Knowing your physical requirements and the dosage of each nutrient contained in a supplement will help you make a wise choice.

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