How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds

last 10 pounds

You’ve been working out like a boss, losing weight, and transforming your life. At some point, that hard work stopped paying off and the number on the scale has been stuck for weeks. What’s going on? If this sounds familiar, you might be stuck trying to lose the last 10 pounds. Learn why you’re not losing the last 10 pounds, and what you can do to shred that weight for good.

Why the Weight’s Not Coming Off

Much of the time, your body likes to keep a little extra weight on because that’s where it feels comfortable. Your body also has a strong survival drive, and it can think that it needs those few pounds as “just in case” weight. This means that, even though you’re doing the same things you’ve been doing, you’re stuck wondering how to lose the last 10 pounds and why everything stopped working.

How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds

To take off the last 10 pounds, you will need to rethink your relationship to food and training. Oftentimes, small tweaks in your diet and exercise regime will push your body on the path toward weight loss. Try these tweaks:

  • last 10 poundsEat more protein – Are you focusing on eating a high protein diet, or just on keeping your calorie consumption low? Protein requires more calories to digest, and also promotes muscle tissue growth. If you’re not eating enough protein, you can fail to gain muscle mass (which burns calories all day long) and stay stuck in your weight loss goals.
  • Ditch the processed foods – Processed foods are full of hidden ingredients that might make you fat. They’re also high in sodium, which promotes water retention. Eat clean, natural foods and skip the packaged products, even the energy bars you wolf down after a workout.
  • Lift more weights – Strength training is key to building muscle mass and burning calories all day long. When you’re wondering how to lose the last 10 pounds, try weight lifting. You won’t bulk up; you will revitalize a flagging metabolism and convert fat to muscle.
  • Change up your workout – If you’ve plateaued, consider training harder or switching up your workout from the usual to something different. To lose the last 10 pounds, you really have to exercise so go out and get that heart rate pounding. Switching up workouts helps by targeting muscles in a different way. When you rely on one workout, you lose weight up to a certain point, and then you maintain without making any muscle or strength gains. Going from Zumba to spin class will challenge your body in new ways and help you melt the weight off.

Don’t be surprised or upset if these pounds come off slowly. Following these tips will help you get there, so be patient and keep making positive changes.

If you want more guidance on your weight loss journey, try working with one of our personal trainers. We have a range of trainers with different skills and qualifications. When you’re wondering how to lose the last 10 pounds, a professional push might be just what you need to take the weight off for good.

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