How To Improve Your Daily Activity Level

daily activity

It’s an alarming epidemic in this country. Obesity is not slowing down. At least 20% of each state’s population is now obese and there are no signs that this percentage is going to decrease. So while there isn’t one cure, we can all take a stand and increase our activity levels. And this doesn’t just have to be done in a gym. We simply have to get out of our chair, stand up from the couch and get moving. Let’s go over some simple ways to increase daily activity levels so we can start taking control over our waistlines. And for all you athletes out there not worried about “obesity”, you can improve your physique and overall energy expenditure as well which will only make you better at your craft. Everyone here can benefit.

8 Ways To Improve Your Daily Activity Level

  1. Park father away: I’m guilty of this. Why do we always tend to look for the closest parking spot? Next time you go shopping or are running errands, try parking your car as far away as possible in the parking lot (as long as it’s safe) and reap the benefits by walking a few extra minutes.
  2. Ditch the elevator: Does this need further explanation? Find the stairs and start working those glutes!
  3. daily activityLunch break at the gym: Can you bring your workout clothes or some athletic shoes to work during the week? Is there any time during your busy day that you can steal away a few minutes to raise your heart rate and get some exercise?
  4. Ditch your chair: Can you switch out your desk chair for a stability ball or even do your work while standing?
  5. Take a walk: Studies show that a simple walk outside for a few minutes can boost creativity and thought processes, so if you find yourself stressed or stuck during the day opt to unclutter your mind by burning a few calories during a brisk walk break.
  6. Fidget: Did you know that fidgety people burn more calories than non-fidgeters. When all else fails, fidget, tap your foot and move your body in a discrete but repetitive fashion to get your blood flowing.
  7. Housework: Save some money and give your maid or yard guy a month off! Gardening, doing manual labor, and vacuuming are calorie-busting activities that truly pay off in more ways than one.
  8. Socialize away from food: We tend to socialize at restaurants, bars or anyplace that includes food. Can you meet your friends for a hike instead or even sign up for an obstacle race together! Exercising is always more fun when you have good company.

Hopefully these quick tips gave you some ideas to improve your daily activity level. There are hundreds more little tweaks you can make to start moving more and help achieve your fitness and health goals a lot faster than just by following traditional methods. We often focus on that one hour a day that is filled with pumping iron and running faster. But why are we neglecting the other 23 hours in the day!?! Let’s get moving.

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