How Do I Get Better Arms?

get better arms

It’s been one of the most commonly asked questions. “Blaire, how do I get cut-up arms?” “How do I get rid of this jiggle when I wave hello to someone?” “How do I get guns like Arnold?” Haha! It is something we typically want to achieve. Who doesn’t want arms of steel? We might differ in how big or muscular we want our arms to appear, but I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want strong, fit arms. So the million-dollar question “How do I get better arms” needs a million-dollar answer. And guess what, I got a few approaches to your important question that just might lead to you proudly baring tank tops in the next few months with absolutely no shame.

4 Ways To Get Better Arms

  1. Get off the dang treadmill. Not altogether. But cardio alone will not reveal better arms. You need to lift. And you need to lift from multiple angles and don’t be afraid to pick up some real weight. Now if you are just starting off, train for quality not quantity. Once you start to build a solid fitness base, start learning from the mecca of fit arms himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold, while genetically gifted far beyond most, trained arms in such a high volume that many could not keep up. He was known for high-repetitions, various angles of movement and giant sets when he trained his upper body.
  2. get better armsBe well-rounded. We all joke about guys avoiding leg day, and simply being obsessed with chest workouts. But I think the joke should be reversed. So many people forget about the dozens of muscles in the upper body, focusing only on the “big guns” like chest, bicep and back. When your training shifts from just basic lifts, taking into account muscle activation of the rhomboids, rear deltoids, and serratus muscles, you’ll be amazed at what can take place. Just because you want better arms doesn’t mean you should neglect everything else. Hit each muscle with a ton of variety, progress your work load and never be afraid to learn new exercises. The body is brilliantly made and hits plateaus. It needs constant stimulation and variety. Feed this monster and you’ll come away very happy and shredded.
  3. Eat clean and eat enough. You can’t get better arms on a nutrient-void diet. And you can’t build better arms on Poptarts. Protein is the building block for our muscles, so don’t neglect this macronutrient. Get rid of the processed crap in your pantry, start preparing nutrient-dense, colorful meals evenly balanced with healthy proteins, slow-digesting carbohydrates and omega-rich fats.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get outside of the gym. You don’t always have to lift a dumbbell to get better arms. Grab a rope, a sledgehammer, a kettlebell…all these atypical modalities can be combined to create a dynamic arsenal resulting in svelte arms. Remember, typical=typical results. Shake things up and shock your body.
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