Fitness Tip of the Week: Why TRX Training Works

TRX training

TRX training has grown in popularity over the past couple of years for good reason. Initially developed by the military, it has benefitted athletes of all varieties from MMA and NFL to track and field. And it has made its way into most gyms across the nation.

While it may be intimidating at first for beginners, it is a modality that can catapult your fitness by leaps and bounds with a bit of practice and patience. Let’s go over some of the “core” reasons why TRX training works.

  • Based on latest research and cutting-edge science: TRX training incorporates the latest fitness approaches from a variety of specialties to give you a tool that covers a multitude of training methodologies. By gathering research from the military, elite athlete training protocols, coaches and first responders, TRX allows the average gym-goer to train in a manner that exceeds what conventional gym equipment provides. It’s adaptive and progressive to keep your body challenged and moving better.
  • Scalable: I love a training tool that can be used by almost anyone. If you’re just starting out, there are a variety of exercises you can modify to fit your fitness level. And with most of these exercises, there are small adjustments you can make to safely advance the difficulty and make progress.
  • Functional: TRX training utilizes functional movement, allowing you to improve the way you move, react and perform in all areas of your life. This will translate into impressive gains in flexibility, balance, speed and strength as well.
  • Core-focused: When you increase the overall strength, flexibility and endurance of your core muscles, you’ll be better able to ward off injuries, perform better and achieve greater fitness results. TRX training engages your core muscles in most of the exercises due to the suspension aspect and angle of your body. You’ll get a core workout without even realizing it and work muscles you never knew you had.

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