Fitness Tip of the Week: When to Cut Some Slack In the Gym

cut some slack

We are inundated—especially in the fitness world and throughout social media—with images of near-perfect bodies, intense workout plans and the latest fitness trends. And while these messages and images can be motivating and positive, they also can make it difficult for us to take a break or a step back from our normal fitness routine.

It’s okay for you to cut some slack in the gym! Everyone has their reasons as to why they need to take a break or switch things up, and no one besides a trained fitness professional or, better yet, a medical professional should tell you otherwise.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to cut some slack when life takes you away from your usual gym routine. So how do you ease up and drop the self-disappointment? Let’s go over a few reasons that justify taking a break. They just might help you get through your rut!

  • A long-term perspective: It’s not a sprint. Achieving weight loss, physique changes and optimal fitness is much healthier when you work on it in a gradual and steady manner. Extremism and inconsistency rarely work for anyone!
  • Injuries: Most injuries need rest and time away from the gym. If you push through certain pains, you’ll probably need even more time off and be further away from achieving your goals.
  • Burnout: Overtraining is very real and should be respected. Your body is telling you to either rest or change up your routine. It’s smart to listen!
  • Less guilt, a quicker reroute: Guilt doesn’t burn calories, right? If you can learn to cut yourself some slack sooner rather than later, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself getting back to your normal routine or starting a new fitness habit in no time!

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