Fitness Tip of the Week: 5 Quick Ways To Boost Energy

boost energy

Sick of being tired? Ready to boost your energy without drinking coffee all day? While a cup of coffee in the morning or before a workout can have amazing benefits, you’ll build a tolerance if you keep drinking it throughout the day, requiring more to get the same effect. Let’s avoid the nasty caffeine crash and burn!

Here are five quick ways to boost energy that don’t even involve a cup of joe.

  • Power nap: Studies show that 10- to 20-minute power naps will boost energy midday without affecting your sleep patterns at night.
  • Workout midday: Get outside and move! Or try a fun, upbeat group exercise class. Simply moving will help you feel more awake and produce endorphins to give you some pep in your step for the rest of the day.
  • Pay it forward: Do something nice or totally unexpected. Bringing a smile to someone’s face will quickly perk you up while leaving the world a better place for the moment, too!
  • Eat: This doesn’t mean grab fast food. But your body might need some fuel! Keeping your blood sugar balanced throughout the day can erase low energy problems almost instantaneously.
  • Ice bath or cold shower: The anti-inflammatory and energizing effects are a perfect combo to combat tiredness for the day!

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