Fitness Tip of the Week: 4 Tips to be a Better Runner

better runner

Running is something you either love or hate. And even people who say that they love running admit that it’s something they occasionally hate as well! So don’t stress too much if you experience a love-hate relationship with running. I have some helpful tips you can try the next time you hit the pavement or treadmill to possibly help you be a better runner and enjoy your overall workout a bit more!

  1. Don’t beat yourself up for walking: If you need a break, take a walk! The important thing is that you aren’t giving up. You are simply recharging so you can pick up the pace again and finish strong.
  2. Stay steady, not speedy when you approach a hill: Don’t keep the same pace when you run up a hill if you expect to have enough energy to finish your run. Hills take a lot out of runners’ legs; the most experienced runners recommend focusing on a consistent pace up the hill without trying to maintain your flat-road tempo.
  3. Find your music: I’m all for Zen running and connecting with nature as you jog along your path. But many of us get pumped up when we run with music that excites or pushes us. Find music that matches a cadence of around 170 to 180 beats per minute. By matching your steps to this cadence, you’ll lessen the impact each step makes on your hip joint and knees.
  4. Use the treadmill: The treadmill shouldn’t replace all of your runs, but it’s an efficient way to set up interval training and work on cadence with a variety of speeds.

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