Are Morning or Evening Workouts more Efficient for Weight Loss/Muscle Gain

There has been a long debate between morning and evening workouts: which one helps you burn fat and build more muscle? Some people claim that morning workouts burn the most fat and evening workouts build more muscle, but is this accurate?

The truth is the best and most efficient workout is the one that you actually complete…period.

Whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening, the time of day you get to the gym should really depend on practicality. For example, when do you typically have free time? What is your sleep schedule like? Is your goal to de-stress or energize yourself? If work starts early (and by early I mean before 9am) then maybe an evening workout would be better suited to your lifestyle. If you start work later and don’t get home before 6-7pm, try giving a morning workout a shot and see if that works better.

In any case, let’s break it down scientifically to cover all of our bases:

Our bodies usually produce the most testosterone (needed for muscle gain and energy) in the morning, however, by the evening, our bodies cortisol levels (a muscle eater) will normalize after reaching the highest levels in the earlier part of the day.

Studies have shown that early grinders are typically able to fall asleep faster at night, however evening grinders raise their body heat thus promoting a more sound sleep (think of it like taking a warm bath before bed).

Morning workouts can provide extra energy and increased metabolism, while evening workouts can provide stress relief and maximum strength.

In conclusion, any workout is the best kind of workout. It’s up to you to decide when you can realistically get to the gym and get it done.

Michaela Youngberg