What is healthy?

You’re not healthy!  That might sound like a harsh way to start a post given the current social climate but it is most likely a truth the average person needs to hear. While the coronavirus pandemic plays out in packed hospitals and empty streets across the world, most of us have been left to self isolate at home following the story from our televisions, the internet, and social media. As a fitness professional stuck at home watching all of this play out one of the things I cannot help but notice is how deeply the media has discounted the word

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Need a break from Coronavirus updates and worries? Try this meditation

Hey CSC family! Shaq Wùkōng Bennett from Commonwealth Sports club here bringing some Taoism to your day with a meditation focusing on creating the peaceful, harmonious and healthy environment within that we'd like to see reflected on the world during these times of crisis, pandemic and uncertainty. Since we're all being forced to slow down our lives, take a break and stay inside, why don't we take this opportunity to dive even deeper, turning to our own inner space to do some well needed maintenance and show ourselves some peace and love in a time where we’d like to see the same reflected

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