Primal Movement Flow

Primal Movement Flow is a combination of primitive movement patterns like hinging, crawling, squatting, lunging, rolling in all possible directions and connecting them by using transition movements. The end result is a flow of challenging body weight exercises/moves that are fun and enhance every aspect of fitness. This includes improvements in mobility of the joints, strength, endurance, power, balance, cardiovascular, the list goes on and on.

Primal movements are early building blocks for every move we make in our daily lives, and being able to perform them well, will keep our bodies up to date and fight back some of the dysfunctional movement patterns that are unfortunately very common among us because of our modern lifestyle and habits.

Primal movement provides a strong foundation for developing effective functional movement, because its priority is to focus on the stabilizers, rather than the prime movers, which allows for safe and proper development of strength. Having your hands and feet in contact with the ground connects our inner unit (known as the “power house”) to the extremities, allowing for greater motor unit activation and most important, synchronization of the muscles. It also serves us really well as a movement assessment tool, helping us identify range of motion limitations and asymmetries in ones’s rotary stability system that we can’t quite see it with some of the more traditional exercises.

Although, it’s natural to feel weaker in certain positions, we should not allow that to make us feel fragile/vulnerable and end up avoiding getting into those positions. This will decondition the muscles of that particular area and create stiffness. Use it or loose it! Instead, we should approach these neglected areas, put our ego aside and use as much assistance as our bodies need, and slowly move through multiple planes of motion while lubricating the joints, increasing mobility and building real functional resilience.