Know Your Protein Sources: Build Muscle to Greater Heights

protein sources

You probably know the importance of adequate protein intake to build muscle, but how much do you know about where you get your protein? The source can matter nearly as much as the quantity, but few give much more thought to their intake than checking to be sure they’re getting ‘enough’. Today, we’re going to talk about the six most common forms of protein for the fitness-savvy and what each can offer to you in your pursuit of strength, health, and general fitness. (more…)

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How to Modify Squats After a Knee Injury

modify squats

A squat is an essential lower-body strengthening exercise. It builds muscle mass and is also a functional exercise. However, the delicate structure of the knee joint is susceptible to injuries during a squat. If you experience knee pain during a squat, or have suffered from a knee injury, a few modifications to this exercise should keep you going until you heal. (more…)

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