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What inspires you? I get inspired by everyday people working hard and coming together to achieve a common goal, like our CSC Zone group warm-up.

What has changed the most since you started working out at CSC? Lately I’ve really been noticing how strong I feel! My stamina has increased too. It’s really noticeable when I lift heavy things around the house!

How have your workouts changed & what’s made the biggest difference? I’m intentional about my workout, and take time to study theory and put it into practice in the gym. I’ve found that this is really important for success in a lot of areas in my life!

Do you ever have trouble staying motivated? If so, what do you do to re-focus? When I’m feeling like my motivation tank is empty, I like to envision a world free from oppression and injustice, and think about what it will take to get there. Knowing that I’ll need stamina and endurance for the long fight ahead makes all the squats, burpees and spin classes seem easy!

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed about yourself? Even though I know my strength will never be able to match that of the well-funded military-industrial complex, my newfound discipline and strength (oh hi, biceps!) makes me feel stronger in both body and mind.

I’ve noticed that my sleep is much more restful, and I wake up feeling energized and refreshed for another day!


What’s your favorite part about your workouts? I love the endorphin rush I get from working out. I leave the gym feeling as confident as a middle-aged white man!

Tell us about your experience with the Zone training. What about it do you really enjoy? Zone training has really helped me propel my routine to the next level. Instead of aimlessly wandering around the gym and spending hours on the treadmill, the guidance of CSC trainers has helped me to be focused and safe, and I’ve been seeing great results! It’s amazing how being intentional, organized and educated can lead to success.

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