“ I lost 40 lbs so far and still want to lose more. I was also able to increase the weight on multiple exercise. I recently reached a 300 lbs max rep on the squat and 160 lbs max rep on the bench press.”

What inspires you?

“My brother Vincent! He also works out here at CSC and having seen the result of his commitment and dedication truly made me want to join in to accomplish my own goals.”

What has changed the most since you started working out at CSC?

“Working out has allowed me to add structure and a bit more discipline to my personal and professional life. I feel like I perform better at work and I feel more energetic overall.”

Has anything changed in your life since you’ve started this program?

“My outlook on exercise and nutrition in general has changed. I’ve always been pretty relaxed; a live and let live kind of person. Exercise was a necessary inconvenience to stay somewhat healthy but now I see it as an actual hobby where I can set objectives and learn how to reach those objectives.”

Tell us a little about your training with Shubha

“Training with Shubha has by far been the highlight of joining CSC. Her approach to training really allows me to build up confidence and never feel discouraged. She’s also able to keep the sessions lighthearted and intense at the same time, which allows me to get in a fantastic workout while having fun.”

Fiona trains with
Personal Trainer: Shubha Ramaiah

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