[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″] When I moved to Boston in May 2015, I decided this was a perfect opportunity to reinvent myself and really get a lot of things that had always been on my list of things to do taken care of, with weight loss being one that I just kept putting off. Since I’ve started working out in September I wish I had started much sooner! At first, it was tough to keep myself going and I dreaded going to the gym, but now I crave getting a workout in and adding a couple extra pounds to my lifts or swimming just a bit further. I very rarely used to take part in outdoor activities, now I’m out hiking, swimming, or kayaking almost every weekend. All the extra energy I have from a healthier diet and regular workout routine has drastically reduced my need for caffeine and sugar to get through the day! I’ve dropped about 75lbs from my start weight, and it’s unreal to think there may be a day where I am down to a healthy weight. Combine that with the added strength, and I can’t remember a time I’ve looked so good.

Training with Mark has given me a much deeper understanding of how to progress through weight loss and strength gaining without burning out. Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint, and I’ve gone from occasional bursts of time when I would try to workout to a consistent routine for a almost year now. Mixing things up but genuinely understanding why different exercises and routines work has helped me put together routines for when I’m working out solo and still make progress. Mark has helped me learn that working out to the point of exhaustion can be fun and fulfilling, not a chore that I have to take care of.
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Matt trains with
Personal Trainer: 
Mark Samara

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