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My name is Marcia

“My Personal Trainer, Evandro and I have so much fun working together!”

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This Is My Story

Why did I start exercising? In 2004, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, so I joined the gym and started working with trainers. In the first couple years, I lost about 35 pounds and maintained the loss with hard work at the gym, attention to diet and support of trainers, most recently Evandro. Diabetes is a progressive disease; about a year ago I needed to change my medications, diet and exercise in order to refocus my regimen.

Happy to report that at 66, my blood sugars are in a normal range, my weight is down another 10 pounds and I feel healthier than I did 20 years ago. The benefits of my regular exercise are better moods and increased energy and much better blood sugar control. Even if I’m dragging, I know that a workout will lift my spirits and keep my blood sugars in range. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Evandro and I have been using exercise as a major component of recovery from surgery — and are working on including exercise as part of my therapeutic regimen as I face treatments in these next few months.

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