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Working out is my daily Zen. It clears my mind, makes me feel good, and helps me sleep. It helps me cope with the day’s struggles and prepare for the next ones. Without it I feel tired, cranky, and lame. I suppose there are folks out there that want to feel like that, but it ain’t me.

I’ve put a lot of effort into getting where I am now and I will not easily let it go. My only major challenge is having time and energy workout during the work week. I’m of the mindset that if I’m lacking either time or energy to properly take care of myself, then I need to reconsider my lifestyle. I’ve admittedly had to make some changes since starting, but it’s been completely worth it.

I’ve been training with Teofe and can’t turn the down the opportunity to make him blush. Teofe has a passion for fitness, and it shines through when he pushes me to get the right form.

He doesn’t just tell me what the right form is. He shows me why it is and explains the biomechanics behind it. Only someone who loves what they do will give you that level of detail so willing. He’ll even stop to give me some pointers when we’re not technically working together.

I have to say something about his freakish expertise, it’s just hard to illustrate without an example. The first major struggle Teofe helped me through was the goblet squat. It’s embarrassing to admit now, but it took a couple weeks for me to get the general motion right. However, even then I couldn’t maintain the right form despite being able to easily handle the weight. I remember Teofe watching me like a former colleague squinting at a screen while debugging software. He had an “ah-ha” moment, expression and all, then wanted me to do this leg abductor exercise that I’d seen my mother doing while growing up. I figured no big deal, if Mom could do it then so can I. Nope, I couldn’t make it past eight reps on the first set. He earned a lot of respect from me that night, and then trust when practicing that abductor exercise led to solid goblet squats.

More recently he’s helped me with the deadlift. About two months ago I hated it, mainly because I didn’t like how it made my lower back feel. Guess what? My form was bad. It took us a few weeks to iron it out. Guess what? Now I don’t feel it in my back and look forward to deadlifts… provided I focus on the correct form.

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Personal Trainer: Teofe Ziemnicki


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