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Since coming to CSC, one of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is the improvement to my overall lifestyle and quality of living. CSC has given me a great environment to continually push the boundaries of what my mind and body is capable of doing. All of the staff is committed and invested in making sure that all their members get the most out of their workout. That passion is definitely reflected throughout the gym and by its members. Having so many people around me that are just as motivated to reach their own goals has definitely pushed me into new territory.

When I first came to CSC I mostly worked out on my own and took many of the studio classes. Since then, I’ve joined various small group training sessions and more recently upgraded to personal training. Joining Varsity Weightlifting with Mark has been a decision that I’m grateful for every day. Mark’s own passion for fitness is mirrored in each of our sessions and in the training schedule he curates for our small group. He has taught me so much about strength training and more importantly healthy living. In a short time, I noticed changes to my body that I couldn’t have imagined was possible. I was stronger, faster, and feeling energized. One of the biggest benefits of jointing the group was forging friendships with other like minded individuals. I’m not only receiving support from the staff, but from fellow peers who would quickly become some of my best friends.

I’m now completely invested and committed to testing my own limits. The next step for me and my love story with fitness was learning something new. I wanted to be able to do those things that most people find difficult and challenging. Seeing how successful small group training was, I took a leap of faith and signed up for personal training with Evan. He has been teaching me Olympic Lifts and I couldn’t have imagined how much I would fall in love with them. Evan gives me 110% each time we train and in each program he writes for me. Knowing I have someone to support me at such a high capacity drives me to improve as much as I can. The progress that I’ve seen in the short time I’ve been training has been phenomenal.
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Fiona trains with
Personal Trainer: Evan LaBarre

“I plan on competing next year alongside the CSC team in the Bay State Games and I couldn’t be more excited to be considered a part of the #cscfamily.”

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