[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″] In the past, my family and I did were not in the habit of going to a gym, but I exercised little every week. I wanted to change this, and told myself it was never too late to try something new. CSC was the first gym I have ever belonged to, and it has been great! Initially, I planned on exercising alone, but everything changed when I met my first personal trainer, Ms. Michaela Youngberg.

I started training with Michaela immediately after completing the two free sessions with her. Every session was efficient and relaxing. She not only taught me how to exercise properly, and instructed me step by step with her patience and passion. Michaela designed many different types of fun workouts, and chose the best one according to my needs. The bench press was the most impressive. At the beginning, I even had difficulty lifting just a bar weighing only 45 lbs, but now I have tried 105 lbs and the weight is still increasing. Also, during times when I have felt less motivated, my friendly trainer encouraged me and helped me refocus on our goals. Therefore, I truly appreciate Michaela for being my personal trainer!

After the four-month of personal training, I found I had new strength! Probably due to the genetic factors my change was not as significant as others, but I believe the slight change happens constantly and I should keep up and do more. Even so, some new muscles grew on my arms, and my family and friends were surprised about my transformation. I started paying attention to the diet and keeping exercise as a priority weekly even during a few busy weeks. Now going to CSC has become a habit for me, and I always have a good time here. I like its various equipment and friendly service! In this summer, I want to exercise by myself and practice the skills learned from the sessions. If someday I need a personal trainer once more, I wish to work with Michaela again!

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Ding works with
Personal Trainer:
Michaela Youngberg

“When I started training with Michaela, I had difficulty bench pressing the bar alone which is 45 lbs.  Now I can bench 105 lbs and we’re still steadily increasing!”


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