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I moved to Boston from Texas to start law school. I joined CSC in August with hopes of establishing an exercise routine. My biggest challenge was being inconsistent with my workouts. With Michaela’s help inconsistency is no longer an issue because I make sure to meet with her every week, and she gives me extra workouts to complete on my days off. She has been flexible with my hours, and I could not avoid a workout if I tried.

My goals upon joining CSC were to ultimately become stronger. Since working with Michaela, I am able to squat more than double my original weight and I can do 5x as many pull ups. It is easy to stay motivated because she constantly reminds me how much progress I have made. Regardless of the size of my progress, she forces me to recognize it, which makes my goals seem closer. My weight has not changed much, but my body fat percentage has gone down and all of my measurements have changed.

I love training with Michaela because she does not let me quit. When I am reaching my limit she finds a way to extend it. Thanks to her, I have reached all my original goals and I am able to make much more specific progress. This has increased my confidence and ultimately made me very happy.

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Anissa trains with
Personal Trainer:
Michaela Youngberg


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