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I’ve been “big” all my life. I was a D1 lineman in college and I played most seasons at or around 295 pounds. The highest I weighed was 305 pounds junior year, after switching from defense to offense, blowing a hamstring, and not focusing as much on diet. After rehabbing an ankle from surgery in the winter, I worked out and tried to eat mostly healthy and lost about 30 pounds by graduation. I knew for the weight loss and healthy lifestyle to really work, it had to be exactly that, a lifestyle change, not just a diet.

My fiancee and I knew basically nothing about Boston when moving here last June, but we were excited to get our fresh start in a new city and it just so happened that our apartment had a gym! The facilities are great, the people are even better. CSC is truly the best gym I’ve ever seen. Seeing the same people in the gym day in and day out is awesome, I love just nodding or giving a fist bump or a casual “hey how’s it going” to all the regulars. Everybody knows each other and knows why we’re at the gym. We’re there to work and get after it!

I love that you can do whatever it is you need to get a workout in and the trainers are always willing to share tips or pointers, even if you aren’t one of their clients. I can tell that the staff truly cares about your health and performance and wellbeing. I love CSC, it’s an incredible place, truly it’s a sanctuary for me.

Thus far on my fitness journey, I’ve lost 75-80 pounds from my max to where I am now and have cut almost 17% body fat.

Just remember that it’s a process and a journey, nothing is going to come overnight. If you put the effort and willpower into what you want, it will come, it might take a few weeks or even months before you see something, but it will happen if you stay the course. Many want a quick fix, but for weight loss, there is none. It’s about slow progress and I like to say, setting a new normal. Each level you reach is a new normal, then you work to reach a new ‘new normal.’

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Eric Haas


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