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We accommodate ALL fitness levels. Increase muscle tone and flexibility, improve body awareness and posture, correct muscle imbalances and get flatter abs and longer leaner muscle structure in our Pure Pilates studio.

Pure Pilates Flow
Level 1-2 equipment class created with exercises that flow seamlessly from one to the next, resulting in a whole body workout that tones and sculpts.

Pure Pilates Strength
Level 1-2 overall total body strength class. Learn how to engage your deepest and smaller mus-cle groups so that you’re stronger from the core.

Pure Pilates Restore
Level 1-2 equipment class. Breathe, stretch and lengthen muscles. Leave feeling open and revived!

Pure Pilates Burn
Level 2-3 Shed the layer of fat to unveil your abs. Utilize major muscle groups, raise your heart rate, burn calories, learn control and confidence.

Pure Pilates Burn & Flow
Level 2-3 mixed equipment class teaches sequences with rhythm and flow. Breathe more as you burn and explore the depths of pilates core exercises that keeps your abs engaged.

Pilates Pricing (Group Classes)
4 sessions- $129
8 session- $199
12 sessions- $249