Pure Pilates

Train your weaknesses and uncover strength. Create a longer, leaner muscle structure with Pilates equipment sessions. Our Pilates studio offers both private and group equipment workouts in a comfortable setting.  The studio has five state-of-the-art Allegro Reformers, Towers, Exo Chairs and other Pilates and Reformer accessories. Our equipment is very user-friendly and accommodates ALL fitness levels, even students that are brand new to Pilates! Enjoy 50% OFF your first class at Pure Pilates.

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Private Pilates Sessions

Get specialized guidance with sessions designed specifically for your body.  We recommend private sessions for anyone with specific goals, injuries or restrictions. 

The best part of training in our gym/club is that you can combine all aspects of fitness. We encourage you to incorporate strength training into to your routine, as a Private Training member you can mix & match Pilates and strength!

Pilates Classes


Level 1-2 equipment class created with exercises that flow seamlessly from one to the next, resulting in a whole body workout that tones and sculpts.


Level 1-2 overall total body strength class. Learn how to engage your deepest and smaller muscle groups so that you’re stronger from the core.


Level 2-3 class. Shed the layer of fat to unveil your abs. Utilize major muscles, raise your heart rate, burn calories, learn control and confidence.

Burn & Flow

Level 2-3 mixed equipment class teaches sequences with rhythm and flow. Breathe more as you burn and explore the depths of pilates core exercises that keep your abs engaged.


Level 3 mixed equipment class that burns, strengthens, and restores your entire body. Prior experience required.

Pilates Bootcamp

Level 3 ultimate cardio and resistance class using pilates equipment and bodyweight. Eight person maximum.

30 Day Challenge

30 days of unlimited pilates training sessions, nutritional guidance and before/after measurements. Our powerful, strengthening sessions combine moves that elongate muscles and increase flexibility to challenge you to your core.

Experience increased muscle tone and flexibility, improve your body awareness and posture, correct muscle imbalances, and get flatter abs and a longer, leaner muscle structure.

Try Pure Pilates!

Train. Move. Rest. Repeat.