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My exercise journey began in Needham High School wrestling. That was my first taste of what it felt like to truly push my body. The first couple of weeks were the hardest.  I was sore all the time, and my resolve wavered. Ever so slowly I started to see true results. I could get through my matches without losing energy and focus. I felt better day after day, month after month. The mental clarity and feeling of accomplishment that I got for making it through my first season was something I would never forget. I knew then that my love for exercise and movement was deep. However, somewhere along the way I started to lose sight of that love. By the time I had gotten to college, my workouts had dropped significantly. Although I knew that I enjoyed exercise and the accomplishment that came with it, my discipline wavered.

A few years ago, I got hurt. I was playing pickup basketball when I first noticed the burning pain in my leg which grew to the point that I could barely walk. After several weeks of inactivity, I finally sought the help of a physical therapist. They gave me some exercises and told me that if I committed myself to them, I would recover. So I did. Every day, without fail, I diligently worked with the pain and committed myself to my recovery. Eventually, as my leg improved, I started to expand my workouts. I did a couple of sessions with a personal trainer here at CSC and all at once I was hooked again. By not taking my health as a given, I found the discipline to fully commit myself.

Now, years later, I am pain free and healthier than ever. The gratitude that I feel for the people who helped me come back from injury stronger is immeasurable. I decided to become a personal trainer because I wanted to pay that forward to anyone else seeking the same. Helping people reach their fitness goals, find discipline, and live pain free lifestyles is the most reward I could ask for from a job. No matter what your goals are, if you want it badly enough, you will get there. I hope to be a part of that journey with you.

  • PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR & AED Certified

Nate Sobeck,
Personal Trainer

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